miscellaneous prints

These prints were created while learning and experimenting with various printmaking techniques. Many explore ideas about femininity, identity, and body image.


girls series

This print series was selected for inclusion in a gallery show at Miami University exhibiting a sampling of outstanding student studio work. Click images to expand.

"Blossoming"—lithograph with chine-collé, 22" x 30"

"Good Things Come"—lithograph, 30" x 22"

"Pull Out"—lithograph, 30" x 22"

"Sundae Best"—lithograph, 22" x 30"


Housewives series

Xerox transfers with color flats, 15" x 22" (8)


etching and drypoint with vintage book page chine-collé , 6” x 9”


"Stick Figure"


"How Do I Fix My Head?"

hard and soft ground copper etching with Xerox transfers, 3” x 5”

stencil monotype, 9” x 12”


"The Lutece Effect"

This print was exhibited at the "Reality Is Broken" gallery show at the Miami University Art Museum.

one color woodcut with mulberry paper collage, 16” x 10”