positive. sophisticated. approachable.

Lookit is an app concept that gives users the opportunity to crowdsource fashion and style advice from peers. They upload a "look," a question, or a comparison photo and receive constructive criticism and positive reinforcement from other users. As a thoughtfully curated platform, unhelpful negative feedback is filtered—making this a safe and friendly space to build others up.


"Brand in a Day"

Great brands aren't built in a day, but they have to start somewhere. To kick off their yearly agency/startup partnership program, The Brandery hosts an intense, day-long branding session where agency and startup teams work side-by-side to define or revamp the startup brand. For Lookit, we ended the day with a moodboard to capture the look and feel of the brand, a beginning logo concept, and some new app background ideas.

The finished look

After exploring more options with the Lookit team, we evolved the initial concept for a more whimsical and approachable feel. See comparisons of the startup's original concept and the redesigned look below.