Curiosity holiday projects

weird. funny. mostly bull$#!+.


client card

Curiosity's 2014 holiday communications consisted of two different animals—a hand-signed client card, and a mass email/social stunt. This first piece, sent to current clients as a yearly opportunity to say "Thanks for a great year!" became a joke about our lack of advertising accomplishments. The payoff is the truly meaningful accomplishment of a donation to PACE Universal. Shown as folded card and poster.

email & social campaign

For the mass communication piece, we created a "no-bull$#!+" guide to the holidays, poking fun at all those popular holiday how-tos. Where to house it? Pinterest, of course! We sent out an email (below) to kick off the fun, and directed recipients to this page.

Goodies included on the page include a Mad Libs-style brag letter, last minute holiday cards, a guide to the most effective family marketing, a holiday bingo set, and some food tips. See examples below, or view them all here.